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About Us
Nafekh Technologies Inc.
  Mission: Growth and Education. To provide Canadian children and their families with high quality, affordable products that add value and fun to learning about our country and the leaders who have helped shape it.
Nafekh Technologies Inc. (also with trade name - Naftech) started its distribution of action-figure toys in September 2001. Visibility to this type of quality product, coupled with demands from our customers for specific types of figures, convinced us that manufacturing our own line of toys was the next step to business growth and expansion.
As a manufacturer, our principle objective is to introduce quality products (namely toys). The company has so far experienced many successes since 2001 with the hockey industry (as noted in a recent publication of the Renney Sports news where Naftech was cited as being a player in introducing niche products back into the industry) and plans to continue this growth. In the area of education, Naftech plans to introduce its lineup of "Canadian Legends™ action figures that will focus on providing Canadians with accurate descriptions and accounts of significant events in our country's history.
As a distributor, the company's objective was to help stores sell to their customers by providing value-added services that exceeded industry expectations (such as returns). So far the company is on track and plans to continue hitting all areas of customer satisfaction.
Our strength is our ability to adapt to meet your needs. We offer services such as:
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping arrangements which can be adapted to suit your selling needs
  • Flexible returns policy
  • Various Marketing Strategies including attractive displays

What's Important for YOU?

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