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Canada - It's Worth Collecting

Introducing Canadian Legends™ - A stunning new line of figures taken from Canada's colourful past.
Sculpted with an unbelievable level of skill and detail, Canadian Legends figures are perfect educational and inspirational role models for children and collectors.
This line of high quality 6-inch figures are ideal as:

      • Collectibles
      • Teaching Aids
      • Historic Figures
Figurine Height: 15cm | comes with table, glasses, two books and stand - also included is the pocket size bilingual 20-page story book with small quiz.
Don't miss this tremendous opportunity to celebrate Canada's most interesting and memorable historic figures!
Every Figure
comes with its own

20 Page Bilingual Book
telling that figure's story
in full colour

This beautifully illustrated booklet is the perfect companion to its collectible figure.

Each figure also comes with its own display base and accessories

click for a larger image and to see a sample of the book


Canada. It's Worth Collecting!
This collectable package is the perfect item to start learning about Canada's colourful past. You'll learn and understand some of John A Macdonald's great achievements and even the challenges he faced when building this country.

Did You Know...

  • What nickname was given to our first Prime Minister?
  • How many provinces started the Canadian team in 1867?
  • Why was it so important to build a National Railway?

You will find answers to these questions and more in the John A Macdonald package. There's even a little quiz at the end of the book - We call it the "Canadian Legends Showdown" to see how much you've learned.

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